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Mason Sand

Mason Sand

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Mason Sand - Premium Fine Sand for Masonry and Landscaping

Mason Sand, also known as masonry sand, brick sand, or fine sand, is a high-quality, fine-grained aggregate perfect for a variety of construction and landscaping applications. Renowned for its smooth texture and uniformity, Mason Sand is the ideal choice for creating strong, stable, and visually appealing surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Smooth Texture: Mason Sand is finely graded to ensure a smooth, even texture, making it ideal for masonry work and finishing.
  • Uniform Grain Size: The consistent grain size of Mason Sand provides superior workability and stability for various applications.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of uses, including bricklaying, mortar mixing, playgrounds, sandboxes, and as a base for pavers and pools.
  • High Purity: Sourced from high-quality natural deposits, Mason Sand is free from impurities and organic materials, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Excellent Drainage: Its fine texture allows for efficient water drainage, making it ideal for use in landscaping and construction projects.


  • Masonry Work: Perfect for mixing with cement to create strong and durable mortar for bricklaying, block work, and stonework.
  • Playgrounds and Sandboxes: Provides a clean, soft surface for children’s play areas, ensuring safety and enjoyment.
  • Paver and Patio Bases: Creates a stable and level base for laying pavers, patios, and other hardscaping elements, ensuring a smooth and even surface.
  • Pool Installation: Used as a base layer for above-ground pools, providing a smooth and stable foundation that prevents punctures and uneven settling.
  • Beach and Volleyball Courts: Ideal for creating recreational areas with a soft and comfortable sand surface.


  • Texture: Finely graded, smooth sand with uniform grain size.
  • Material: Typically composed of natural quartz or silica, sourced from high-quality sand deposits.
  • Packaging: Available in bulk quantities by the cubic yard 
  • Color: Generally light tan to off-white, depending on the source material.

Why Choose Mason Sand?

Choosing Mason Sand for your construction and landscaping projects ensures you are using a premium, fine-grained aggregate that delivers excellent workability and stability. Its smooth texture, uniform grain size, and high purity make it the preferred choice for masonry work, playgrounds, paver bases, and more. Whether you are building a brick wall, creating a safe play area for children, or laying a new patio, Mason Sand provides the quality and reliability you need for a successful and visually appealing project.

Minimum of two yards required for delivery

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