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Pea Gravel - Smooth and Versatile Aggregate for Elegant Landscaping

Pea Gravel is a versatile and attractive aggregate known for its smooth, rounded stones and natural aesthetic. Ideal for a wide variety of landscaping and construction applications, Pea Gravel provides both functional benefits and visual appeal, making it a popular choice for homeowners, landscapers, and contractors alike.

Key Features:

  • Smooth Texture: Each stone is naturally rounded and smooth, providing a comfortable and visually pleasing surface for various applications.
  • Uniform Size: Typically sized between 1/8 inch and 3/8 inch, Pea Gravel ensures a consistent and cohesive appearance for all your projects.
  • Natural Beauty: Available in a mix of natural colors, including shades of brown, gray, white, and tan, Pea Gravel blends seamlessly with any landscape design.
  • Excellent Drainage: The rounded shape and uniform size of Pea Gravel provide excellent drainage properties, making it ideal for use in drainage systems and water features.
  • Low Maintenance: Pea Gravel requires minimal upkeep, maintaining its beauty and functionality over time with little effort.


  • Garden Paths and Walkways: Create attractive and comfortable garden paths and walkways that are easy to maintain and provide excellent drainage.
  • Driveways: Use Pea Gravel to construct stable and visually appealing driveways that blend naturally with the surrounding landscape.
  • Playgrounds: Provide a safe and comfortable surface for playgrounds, ensuring a soft landing for children while enhancing the area’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Decorative Landscaping: Ideal for use as ground cover in garden beds, around trees and shrubs, and in rock gardens, adding a polished and natural look to your landscape.
  • Drainage Systems: Perfect for French drains, dry wells, and other applications where efficient water drainage is essential.
  • Aquariums and Water Features: Use Pea Gravel to create natural-looking substrates for aquariums, ponds, and water features.


  • Size: Typically sized between 1/8 inch and 3/8 inch.
  • Material: Composed of naturally rounded stones, typically made of granite, quartz, or other durable rock.
  • Packaging: Available in bulk quantities by the cubic yard.
  • Color: A mix of natural colors, including shades of brown, gray, white, and tan, varying slightly depending on the source material.

Why Choose Pea Gravel?

Choosing Pea Gravel for your landscaping and construction projects ensures you are using a high-quality, versatile aggregate that enhances both the functionality and beauty of your outdoor spaces. Its smooth texture, natural colors, and excellent drainage properties make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from garden paths and driveways to playgrounds and decorative landscaping. Whether you are creating a serene garden walkway or constructing a durable driveway, Pea Gravel provides the quality and aesthetic appeal you need for stunning and lasting result

Minimum of two yards required for delivery

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